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Do you have the Edge?

Join The Ten's of Thousands of Customers who LOVE The Edge Program.

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100% Profit on Credit/Debit

…. Just Like Cash

  • No contract commitment
  • No Processing Fees
  • No Transaction Fees
  • FREE Point of Sale Equipment
  • Free Signage to inform Customers
  • No monthly or annual costs
  • No statement fee
  • No batch header fee
  • No PCI compliance fee
  • Next Day Funding!
  • World-Class Customer Service and Technical Support
  • Peace of Mind

The Customer Experience Explained

This video shows the customer experience when shopping at a retail store using the Edge Cash Discounting Program.

Just The Facts

This video will explain how the Edge Program encourages customers to pay with cash and the impacts on your business, as well as to your valued customer.


Intelligent, Beautiful, and Completely Free POS Systems

Our Merchant Solutions team will work with you closley to determine which system best suits your unique business situation, insuring the right fit for your needs!

It’s Your Money…It’s time to start keeping more of it, with the Edge Program from Capitol Financial Merchant Solutions/NAB.

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